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  1. Silver Cove Vancouver Rock N’ Gem & Mineral Show 2020

    June 4, 10:00 am - June 7, 5:00 pm PDT
  2. Vancouver Gem & Mineral Show Spring 2020

    June 12, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm PDT
  3. Edmonton Gem & Mineral Show 2020

    June 19, 2:00 pm - June 21, 5:00 pm PDT


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Stone Setting

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We collect, use and process your data according to our Privacy Policy.

  • SilviaFindings Shipping Update

    Current State of Canada Post Shipping

    Given the current state of Canada Post regular parcel delivery delays, we wanted to take the opportunity to inform our customers as to what kind of shipping times they should expect. Canada Post has posted that they have been inundated with volumes that rival Holiday shipping levels. This added to increased safety procedures and being generally understaffed has caused a sharp increased in the time it takes to get parcels across the country.

    Despite what the Canada Post website says, what we’re seeing in the real world are shipping times that are something like 14 days or so from our showroom in Vancouver to major centers in Ontario, to as long as 20 days to Nova Scotia!

    Compounding these issues is the fact that (because of the shipping service we use) many parcels travel right across the country and never get scanned into the system until the packages arrive at your local mail processing center. This means that your tracking info will say something like “Electronic information submitted by shipper” or “The sender has created a shipping label. When we process the item, we’ll update its status and expected delivery date.” This tracking info may not be updated for most of the time it takes to get the package to you, which definitely adds to the frustration.

    We expect these delays are temporary, and the pressures placed on the mail system by the pandemic will ease as time goes on, but in the interim it might be a good idea to temper our expectations.

    As always, we’re here for you if you have any concerns about any in-transit shipments you are waiting for.


    when you send your stone(s) to our office.

    DIY Jewellery Show & Tell with STYLES

    For the FREE SETTING SERVICE to work effectively here are instructions to follow:

    1. We will provide this free setting service in a similar way we do at our trade shows where we help you find setting findings that we think would best fit your stone(s) without you knowing which one you’ll get. (You have the option to pick your own setting finding if you know ahead of time which one you want or you think would fit your stone(s)).
    2. Before you send us your stone(s), take a picture of your stone(s) next to a ruler and email us the images at This initial step will allow us to eliminate most of the stones we know won’t fit in any of our setting findings. There are very limited options for irregular shaped or very large stones, and, just like at shows, we make no guarantee that we will always find a setting that will work for your stones.
    3. If looking at your stone images we think we have settings that would work, we will as you to ship us your stone(s) using the shipment tracking service (please keep a record of your tracking number).
    4. After we have found settings findings that will work for your stone(s), we will email you the links to images of the settings findings so that you can choose the setting you like best for your stone(s).
    5. Once you have decided on which setting findings you want, we will send you an invoice for payment of the setting findings. After payment is received we will set your stone(s) into the selected settings and ship the finished jewellery to you along with the shipment tracking number.

    ::: Offer is valid during COVID-19 only :::