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We can help you make your design ideas a reality!

Our attention to details and exceptional customer service has allowed us to become a leader in the jewellery manufacturing industry from designing to molding to producing to finishing. Our professional services, skilled expertise and technology make us a good choice for most of your jewellery production needs.

Custom Molding Services

Our custom designed molding services include stamping molds and casting molds. The stamping molds are made of stainless steel and usually used for creating multiple duplicates a master jewellery piece. If you need to produce hundreds or more jewellery pieces with the same specifications for your jewellery collection, having a custom designed mold created by us may be ideal for you. We have our own stamping mold makers that produce molds based on your jewellery needs, efficiently and less costly.

The casting molds are made of rubber, used for items with a more three-dimensional effect but in a fewer quantity.

If you would like to find out what kind of molds you need for your particular design, please contact us to discuss your requirements. We will be happy to guide you in the best direction possible to your requirements.

Casting Services

Casting is a process to create a wax pattern that is made by the rubber mold, into a lime mold, and then filled with molten silver. The heated metal melts the wax that come out from the lime mold into the silver pattern we need, causing the mold to dissipate and leave behind the piece of jewellery. We provide professional casting services for your custom jewellery designs.

A. Orders meeting minimum order quantity of 30 pieces per item (Very small items need to order larger quantity.)

  • Regular Designs: The customer needs to pay the mold charges of $120-$150 per item (the design cost is included).
  • Special Designs: Please contact us for a price estimate.

B. Orders NOT meeting minimum order quantity, so less than 30 pieces per item, please use our Custom Made Jewellery services. Under this service, there is no minimum order quantity required.

Custom Design Stamping Services

Custom design stamping is a technique used to personalize your jewellery. We provide quality and professional custom design stamping services for your jewellery making. If you need assistance with your stamping design, please contact us.

Individual quotes are provided based on:

  • Molding cost
  • Required minimum quantity
  • Design complexity
  • Design specifications
  • Lead time

Contact us to get a quote.

Advantages of Using Custom Designed Molds

You can place small orders for mold production.

You have the option to purchase one mold.

You have the option to purchase one mold and run a first production.

You will impress your customers with your own unique designs and increase your sales potential.

You will experience unmatched customer service.

Different plating processes to choose from:




Custom Order Process

There are four steps to ordering custom designed molds.

Step 1 ::: Design and Agreement

You, the jewelry artisan, send your request for customization by contacting us, online, by email, or phone. You will be asked to sign a copyright disclosure agreement.

We will follow up on your request with questions for clarification and offer guidance about the proposed design, size, weight, and metal finish to ensure the outcome design is what you envision. This may involve a few emails or phone conversations to ensure we understand what you want the final design to look like.

Step 2 ::: Design and Quote

We will create and email you a professional looking 3D design and a detailed quote for your review and approval.

  • If you approve go to Step 3.
  • If you do not approve and wish to stop at this point, you will be required to pay an amount between $30-$50 depending on the complexity of the 3D design produced.

Step 3 ::: Place Order & Payment

You approve and pay in full the total price of the order. Upon receipt of your payment, we place your order.

Step 4 ::: Delivery

Please note that delivery can take up to six weeks after the order was placed. When the product is completed, we will ship the product to you.

Please complete and submit the Copyright Infringement form.

Copyright Infringement

When placing an order for custom designed molds, you must agree in writing to accept full responsibility for any copyright violations. SilviaFindings will not be responsible for any such claims against the company.

Return Policy for Custom Orders

Custom designed orders are not returnable and non-refundable.

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Stone Setting

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    when you send your stone(s) to our office.

    DIY Jewellery Show & Tell with STYLES

    For the FREE SETTING SERVICE to work effectively here are instructions to follow:

    1. We will provide this free setting service in a similar way we do at our trade shows where we help you find setting findings that we think would best fit your stone(s) without you knowing which one you’ll get. (You have the option to pick your own setting finding if you know ahead of time which one you want or you think would fit your stone(s)).
    2. Before you send us your stone(s), take a picture of your stone(s) next to a ruler and email us the images at This initial step will allow us to eliminate most of the stones we know won’t fit in any of our setting findings. There are very limited options for irregular shaped or very large stones, and, just like at shows, we make no guarantee that we will always find a setting that will work for your stones.
    3. If looking at your stone images we think we have settings that would work, we will as you to ship us your stone(s) using the shipment tracking service (please keep a record of your tracking number).
    4. After we have found settings findings that will work for your stone(s), we will email you the links to images of the settings findings so that you can choose the setting you like best for your stone(s).
    5. Once you have decided on which setting findings you want, we will send you an invoice for payment of the setting findings. After payment is received we will set your stone(s) into the selected settings and ship the finished jewellery to you along with the shipment tracking number.

    ::: Offer is valid during COVID-19 only :::