Kayla Pryhitka set all of her stones into SilviaFindings' ring settings during the Victoria Gem & Mineral Show in March 2018

FREE Stone Setting Service

During the Victoria Gem and Mineral Show in March 2018, we offered our stone setting service to anyone interested in having their stones set or learn how to set these themselves into our setting findings for free.

The image on the left represents the results from one of our customers who set all of her stones by herself. Here’s her story:

My name is Kayla and I am a Registered Gemologist Appraiser with the International Institute of Jewelry Appraisal specializing in estate and antique jewelry.
This was my first time setting my own stones, even though most days I spend my time examining and critiquing the work of other jewelers.

I was impressed by how easy it was to set my own stones and the quality that was achieved with limited amount of time or tools at my disposal.

All of my stones were set during the first day at the show by me in my own makeshift work-space.

It was easy to find classic and elegant ring bases at SilviaFindings that matched the gemstone sizes, their individual setting requirements, and fulfilling my needs for aesthetic perfection.

The feedback and demand for these rings was overwhelming to say the least. I look forward to working on more elaborate pieces in the future with SilviaFindings’ products.

Kayla also provided feedback about SilviaFindings…

The staff at SilviaFindings were more than helpful and spent the whole 3 days at the show with me looming over their booth. Mark was amazing with my questions, comments, offhanded jokes, help with sizing my stones, and finding settings!

It was great to be right there with my gemstones to find a perfect fit. However, I know that if I ordered products online that I would be getting exactly what I need based off of extremely accurate measurements.

Their products, especially the rings, were of a very high quality and very weighty, I would say the quality was better than that of most commercial department store jewelry. The pricing structure of the products was incredibly competitive, a fact that was reiterated to me by several other customers of SilviaFindings. I definitely look forward to using their products and services in the future.

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