Jewelry Chain Styles Guide

Get to know more about our jewelry chain styles by using this Jewelry Chain Styles Guide. Use this guide as a reference when you shop for a chain. It is divided into two main chain style categories, link style chains and solid style chains. Each of these categories are broken into sub-categories of common link and solid styles chains for which we added their common variations. The guide includes an image and brief description for each of the styles of jewelry chain.

Jewelry chains come in various styles and sizes. There is no industry agreed standard for naming or categorizing the many types of jewelry chains and chain styles. So we, at SylviaFindings, are offering this guide that attempts to describe the most common ones, as well as the ones we carry. Hopefully it will help you to make an informed decision when using or buying chains for your jewelry designs.

Remember that when it comes to chain names, there is no agreed-to naming rule!

At SilviaFindings, we have an extensive selection of chains styles that are sold in bulk, by the foot or meter, or finished styles chains, in sizes from 16 to 24 inches, that come with a spring clasp and jump ring.

Some chain styles are sturdier than others. The thickness of the links and how they are connected together is generally the basis for their overall strength.

We hope you find this reference guide useful.