SilviaFIndings Facebook Live Showroom - EPISODE 21

SilviaFindings Facebook Live Showroom EPISODE 21 – All About Finished Chains

Sterling Silver Serpentine Chain Necklace 0.9mm :: 16″ (41cm) 18" (46cm)

If you want to order sterling silver and gold jewellery findings and settings live,

please join our 21st Facebook Live Showroom

at 10:30 am Pacific Time, Wednesday, September 16, 2020

All about finished chains


1) Live orders get 10% off regular pricing for all members of related social media groups and clubs/society.

2) FREE shipping on orders placed during the event.

3) Check immediate product availability.

4) FREE GIFT when you share our event while live.

Sterling Silver Faceted Ball/Bead Chain Necklace 1.0mm 16" (41cm) 18" (46cm) 20" (51cm)

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