Terms of Service


Prices are subject to change because foreign currencies and precious metals markets fluctuate daily. This means that prices for precious metal beads, findings, and other components fluctuate daily as well. Although our prices reflect both metal content and manufacturing labour costs, the price fluctuations apply mainly to the metal content.

Sterling Silver

Real sterling silver changes colour over time. Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver and the other 7.5% is an alloy. The alloy can oxidize when in contact with your skin or with the air. Therefore, the alloy component can discolour and/or tarnish, turning your sterling silver brownish (tarnished) or grey-black (oxidized). But, with a quick wipe with a soft cloth, it looks as good as when it was first manufactured.

Dimensions and Weights

Dimensions and weights of handcrafted products are approximate, because they will always vary slightly in size, shape, pattern, and weight.

Out of Stock/Backorders

We allow backorders for most of our products. Backordered products are invoiced when they ship, not when your order is placed. We do not charge customers for products on backorder. To track backorders, we maintain a waitlist of customers who signed up to be notified by email when an out of stock product becomes available. You do not need to be registered to be added to the waiting list and you are added on a “first come, first serve” basis. You only need to provide your email address to join the waiting list.

When the product is back in stock, we inform the customers by email and provide them with a link to the product for making the purchase.  Once customers have been notified by email, they are removed from the waiting list.

Custom Designs

1.  Custom Designed Molds

Orders for custom designed molds are always welcome. We gladly provide customized molds and stamping service from your own design so you can create your very unique findings or other components to finish your jewelry creation. We require full payment for custom orders and you may expect your order to take six weeks to complete. Please view our Custom Designed Molds page that explains the process and information you need to provide.

2.  Custom Made Designs

Orders for custom made designs are always welcome. We gladly provide a custom made design service that allow you to create custom made jewellery to your design specifications with no minimum quantity required. We require full payment for custom orders and lead time for completion is between 12-15 business days. Please view our Custom Made Designs page that provide specific details and explains the process and information you need to provide.


Shipping prices are subject to change. Our primary shipping carrier is Canada Post and we use flat rate shipping. Please view our Shipping Information page that provides the specific shipping details.

Refunds, Returns & Exchanges

We want you to be completely satisfied with your products and orders. Please view our After Sales Services for details.


SilviaFindings offers a generous wholesale program. All we require is your business related information to open a wholesale account. As a wholesale member, to take advantage of our wholesale pricing, you must order a minimum of $150.00 (based on wholesale unit price) per order. Please view our Wholesale Program that explains the process and information you need to provide.


    when you send your stone(s) to our office.

    DIY Jewellery Show & Tell with STYLES

    For the FREE SETTING SERVICE to work effectively here are instructions to follow:

    1. We will provide this free setting service in a similar way we do at our trade shows where we help you find setting findings that we think would best fit your stone(s) without you knowing which one you’ll get. (You have the option to pick your own setting finding if you know ahead of time which one you want or you think would fit your stone(s)).
    2. Before you send us your stone(s), take a picture of your stone(s) next to a ruler and email us the images at info@silviafindings.com. This initial step will allow us to eliminate most of the stones we know won’t fit in any of our setting findings. There are very limited options for irregular shaped or very large stones, and, just like at shows, we make no guarantee that we will always find a setting that will work for your stones.
    3. If looking at your stone images we think we have settings that would work, we will as you to ship us your stone(s) using the shipment tracking service (please keep a record of your tracking number).
    4. After we have found settings findings that will work for your stone(s), we will email you the links to images of the settings findings so that you can choose the setting you like best for your stone(s).
    5. Once you have decided on which setting findings you want, we will send you an invoice for payment of the setting findings. After payment is received we will set your stone(s) into the selected settings and ship the finished jewellery to you along with the shipment tracking number.

    ::: Offer is valid during COVID-19 only :::