A few words from our customers

“…I will keep you in mind when I choose to buy silver findings. I was most impressed by their quality…”

My package arrived today, thank you very much for all your follow up and information yesterday. I am very pleased with my pendants and rings. I find it difficult to find a variety of pearl settings/with pegs in rings, pendants and earrings. So I am happy with your selection, variety, different sizing for rings, and price. And excellent customer service. Also in Canada too, a big bonus!

I will be back for more 🙂
Kindest regards

Margaret March 1, 2019

Love dealing with you. Best prices and the service is incredible. Thank you again.

Brenda-Lee EllJuly 18, 2018

The staff at SilviaFindings were more than helpful and spent the whole 3 days at the Victoria Gem & Mineral Show with me looming over their booth. Mark was amazing with my questions, comments, offhanded jokes, help with sizing my stones, and finding settings!

It was great to be right there with my gemstones to find a perfect fit. However, I know that if I ordered products online that I would be getting exactly what I need based off of extremely accurate measurements.

Their products especially the rings were of a very high quality and very weighty, I would say the quality was better than that of most commercial department store jewelry.

The pricing structure of the products was incredibly competitive, a fact that was reiterated to me by several other customers of Silvia Findings. I definitely look forward to using their products and services in the future.


Kayla, Registered Gemologist AppraiserMarch 16, 2018

Thank you. It was a pleasure having you and your friendly, professional crew.  Truly, for two days our customers had amazing options one cannot always find in smaller communities.  Your quality products and Mark’s expertise as well as the raw and finished gemstones offered by several vendors provided opportunities for amazing creations at our show.  The smiles from your customers say it all!

Ron Creber, VRGC 2018 Show ChairMarch 15, 2018

Great Service!!! I received you order and I was so surprised it came so fast. Thank you so much.

Linda Henderson, From Rock-n-SilverFebruary 27, 2018

I received the items today – very quickly, thanks. I am happy with the items and hope to deal with you again. May see you in May.

Sharon QFebruary 9, 2016

Thanks so much, Marble – it is great to know that I will be able to do business so close to home in the future. I appreciate your prompt service and excellent quality products.

Anna VandanaOctober 23, 2015

Hello Marble we received your package today! Thank you! We are very happy with them!

Those necklaces are stunning!!! We love them!

IndyJuly 13, 2015

Nice settings. Very pleased with the order. I will be ordering again.

Cynthia SMay 13, 2015

I received my order today. It’s great that you are so close to me here in Victoria.

I was very happy with my order. The findings were beautiful!

Thank you very much.

You have been very reliable.

Chris KFebruary 10, 2015

Thanks so much for everything, and for the incredibly speedy turnaround. Your products are fantastic and I’m thrilled!

Yes, I’ll pop out to the fairgrounds and say Hi and do some more shopping.

Alison ASeptember 22, 2014

I have completed the payment. Thank you very much for everything. Please keep me updated when U receive new stock as I am very pleased with the quality of your products.

Larisa TMay 5, 2014
I bought some beautiful SilviaFindings silver beads at the Gem Fair in Eugene, OR a few months ago. They looked like the attached picture. Do you still offer these beads? Will your reps be at the Eugene, OR Gem Fair in November? I’d like to buy 20 of the bud-shaped beads. The quality of your products is great!
Brooke S. (U.S.A)October 24, 2013

Thank you, I received the first portion of the shipment and am very satisfied with the product.

Mona N. September 27, 2013

I did receive your package and I’m so pleased with your products.

Thank you!
Nancy H.September 10, 2013

I had a great time visiting you and your showroom on Saturday and the findings are fabulous. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Have a great and prosperous time at the Bead and Button show and I will stay in touch.

KarenMay 27, 2013

We purchased some items from you at the Edmonton show, and are interested in carrying more of your products. Thank you.

Delaine NSeptember. 13, 2012

Good luck with the show in Edmonton. I am fine with product thank you.

Iris WAugust 9, 2012

Your silver is really nice and the prices are really good. I’ll let my friends know about you.

Thank you again.

Yolanda RJuly 29, 2012

I will keep the manufacturing in mind, as I am looking for tags and connectors.

Mary L.June 29, 2012

Thank you very much for the excellent service!

I look forward to dealing with you again in the future!

I received the parcel and all is good!

Yvonne CJune 22, 2012

I will keep you in mind when I choose to buy silver findings. I was most impressed by their quality.

Candace P.June 18, 2012

Yes, Thank you so much for your quick response, will look at it later this week.

Your products are really nice and just need to know what your minimum order is.

Thank you so much for your email.

Patti TJune 17, 2012

We really enjoyed meeting you and we love our purchases. Jo has some ideas for end cap designs so when she can get something down on paper we will send it to you.

We do have a clasp that we will send you a picture of in the next month to see if you can make something similar (but not exactly the same).

That would be great.

NancyJune 8, 2012

I had attended the show in Calgary, Alberta the Coast Plaza Hotel.

I had seen a beautiful Black Necklace with a love pendant almost at the bottom of it with a gorgeous clasp that can open to put a stone etc. on it. This was absolutely beautiful but they sold out.

The nice lady I had spoken with gave me a card and said go on line. I am on line but you can’t check out your site to see all of your wonderful products you have can you help me?

Laurie C June 2, 2012

Thank you. It was nice to meet you too. We loved your products and look forward to visiting your showroom in the near future.

Janette CApril 1, 2012

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    For the FREE SETTING SERVICE to work effectively here are instructions to follow:

    1. We will provide this free setting service in a similar way we do at our trade shows where we help you find setting findings that we think would best fit your stone(s) without you knowing which one you’ll get. (You have the option to pick your own setting finding if you know ahead of time which one you want or you think would fit your stone(s)).
    2. Before you send us your stone(s), take a picture of your stone(s) next to a ruler and email us the images at info@silviafindings.com. This initial step will allow us to eliminate most of the stones we know won’t fit in any of our setting findings. There are very limited options for irregular shaped or very large stones, and, just like at shows, we make no guarantee that we will always find a setting that will work for your stones.
    3. If looking at your stone images we think we have settings that would work, we will as you to ship us your stone(s) using the shipment tracking service (please keep a record of your tracking number).
    4. After we have found settings findings that will work for your stone(s), we will email you the links to images of the settings findings so that you can choose the setting you like best for your stone(s).
    5. Once you have decided on which setting findings you want, we will send you an invoice for payment of the setting findings. After payment is received we will set your stone(s) into the selected settings and ship the finished jewellery to you along with the shipment tracking number.

    ::: Offer is valid during COVID-19 only :::