Although we’ve seen a lot of ways our jewellery findings are used by some of our customers, this time we were even more surprised with how a brilliant customer used one of our pendant setting to creatively set a crystal gemstone wand into the setting.

Floral Pendant with Round Bezel Mounting and Bail in Sterling Silver 26mm x 34mm x 7mm

Floral pendant setting with round bezel mounting and bail

A customer's brilliant use of SilviaFindings pendant setting for a gemstone wand

Crystal wand pendant created by customer with pendant setting

As you can see from the finished jewellery creation above that that improvisation is exceptionally effective!

We had a number of inquiries about our DIY (Do-It-Yourself) custom made service from visitors and customers who stopped by our booth. The interest and responses were positive.

Here’s an example of a custom made pendant findings we have produced for a customer.

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