Looking for customization
or for jewellery making tools or equipment?

Because we are focused and dedicated in supporting our customers along with our strong and collaborative relationships with you, we can help you to find whatever you need to help complete all of your jewellery designs.

In fact, because we understand the importance of a using a friendly approach, we are able to offer sourcing companies that can supply you with the goods, services, and technology to meet any of your business related requirements.

Our Trading Network offers you capabilities that include stamping and casting customization, unique and quality finished jewellery, brand or non-brand packaging opportunities, quality and professional tools, and any other business related goods.

We do it for you!

Our process is simple, for example, when you order a custom designed mold or have one run into production, we can call upon our Trading Network to have your finished products packaged and sent to you. You can choose to order the packaging and packing materials yourself or we can do it all for you.

Example of a ring setting completed for a client

Example of a ring setting completed for clients

Our expertise coupled with our diverse and customization capabilities differentiates us from others.